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About Maritime Archaeology Ltd.

Maritime Archaeology Ltd was formed in 2004 in response to a demand for maritime archaeological contractual services in the Solent.

We are the trading arm of the Maritime Archaeology Trust: a charity dedicated to researching and preserving our marine heritage and educating the public on submerged archaeological sites.

Because of our links with the Trust, we draw on over 20 years of experience of the Maritime Archaeology Trust’s research, investigations and pioneering techniques for the study of marine cultural heritage – all of which enables us to provide you with fully integrated solutions.

Today we work across the UK and internationally in development related consultancy and field services. This is in addition to offering a range of research, development, education and outreach services for the wider maritime heritage sector

Furthermore, and unusually for a limited company, we operate on a not-for-profit basis with all profits being used to support charitable work related to promoting interest, research and knowledge of underwater heritage sites.

Maritime Archaeology is a registered organisation with the Institute for Archaeologists.

Company registration number: 4923815


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